Hearts in Translation for Couples: Workbook & Journal for Cross-Cultural Relationships by Kasia Lussier
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First Comes Love Infatuation, Then Comes Love

Infatuation, that passionate phase of a relationship that bonds your souls together and makes you only see the best in each other.  But infatuation eventually fizzles out.  Poof, like fire in a fireplace that turns into unimpressively glowing embers. It’s those glowing embers, however, that keep burning for hours, giving off subtle but consistent heat.

Love after infatuation is like those embers.  It’s love that’s enduring, deep, and mature.  It helps us nourish our relationship through the nitty-gritty, sometimes just crappy parts of a life.  And it needs constant attention so it doesn’t completely fizzle our hearts into a pile of ash.

Your hearts are already bonded, with best intentions, they just sometimes get lost in translation.  So grab your poke stick and keep feeding oxygen to the glowing embers of your heart. 

And while you’re at it, grab a copy of the Hearts in Translation for Couples Workbook to help you get started on your journey of getting to know yourself and your lover.


Who We Are

Hearts in Translation was started out of a need for answers and realization that there aren’t many available. Three and a half years into my second marriage, my husband and I realized the huge impact our different cultural backgrounds had on the relationship with each other, as well as with my three stepsons and new baby.  Out of our lessons and experiences, Hearts in Translation was born so we can share these lessons, hear your own experiences, and grow a culturally diverse community where we can learn from each other and grow stronger in our relationships .  

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of families in the US are blended


are more common than stepmoms


blended families that seek counseling before marriage


increase in interracial marriages since 1980's