Hello to Hearts in Translation

Welcome to Hearts in Translation!

If you are reading this, that means you are getting to witness the beginning of it all! Or at least of this blog. And if you keep reading this, it’s likely you’re in cross-cultural relationship looking for tips and advice on how to find common ground and spend holidays (or even just dinners) with your partner or family without losing touch with your own traditions…or your sanity.

Let’s face it, being in a cross-cultural relationship can be challenging and confusing, making you wonder whether all this miscommunication and drama is worth all the love in the end. I’m here to tell you, it is! It can be very worth it! IF you and your partner are willing to work at it. Because joining your diverse lives can not only open up a whole new world of incredible experiences, it can also take the best of your unique cultures and blend them into a life full of exciting new traditions.

My question to you is:

How committed are you to making your cross-cultural relationship (with the love of your life that swept you off your feet by being so awesomely different from you) the best it could be? If you’re totally head-over-heels committed (or even just a little curious), sign yourself up for my email list so you get notified when new articles are published (and maybe even fun freebies).

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