Book Review of Wonderful Ways to be a Stepparent by Judy Ford

Wonderful Ways to Be a Stepparent by Judy Ford – A Quick Guide for New Stepparents


Judy Ford and Anna Chase


Wonderful Ways to be a Stepparent







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“Wonderful Ways to Be a Stepparent” by Judy Ford and Anna Chase is a quick read that offers a lot of value.  It is a guide geared towards new stepparents navigating the complex dynamics of a blended family. Organized into one to page topics, the book explores the unique challenges and opportunities presented in stepparenting and offers plenty of insightful tips. 

The book is divided into several sections, covering topics such as:

  • Relating to yourself: This section encourages self-awareness and realism in the stepparent role. Topics include being realistic about one’s role in the family, preparing for tough questions, and the importance of recognizing the conscious choice made in becoming a stepparent.
  • Communicating with your spouse: This part focuses on the relationship with the biological parent, addressing issues like discipline, encouraging a healthy relationship with the ex-spouse, and empathizing with the spouse’s perspective.
  • Interacting with the kids: Here, the book covers the interaction with stepchildren, offering tips on activities to do together, how to handle rejection or the ‘cold shoulder’, and recognizing the unspoken expressions of love and acceptance from stepchildren.
  • Dealing with your spouse’s ex: how to communicate with your spouse on the role of the ex partner in the family dynamic and how to deal with the challenges that come up having to share parenting with an ex.

Authors Judy Ford, a family therapist, and Anna Chase, a stepmother and freelance writer, bring their personal and professional experiences to the book, providing relatable and insightful advice. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs of stepchildren and tuning into their feelings, emphasizing that intuition and empathy play important roles in forming healthy relationships within the stepfamily.

Coming into a family as a stepmom or stepdad requires immense commitment and dedication to the journey.  This book presents lots of quick tips for stepparents to strengthen themselves with the emotional maturity to relate to their stepchildren and help them feel safe in their new family.  The advice in the book is straight-forward and highly recommended for both stepparents and stepchildren, as it offers insights that can smooth relationships and provide a deeper understanding of each other’s experiences and challenges. It’s particularly useful for those looking to transform a challenging situation into a relationship filled with love and understanding.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone involved in a stepfamily, offering both guidance and support. Although aimed at stepparents, it can also be invaluable for their partners and stepchildren, making it a comprehensive guide for the whole family.


What we appreciate about this book

Practical Advice: The book offers practical and actionable advice for stepparents. The tips and strategies provided in the book can be very helpful in dealing with real-life situations of step-families.

Relatable Content: Both authors have personal experience with step-parenting, which adds a level of authenticity and relatability to the book. Their firsthand knowledge will resonates with anyone who is in a similar situation.

Easy to Navigate Format: The book’s format, where each topic is covered in a concise manner across two pages, makes it easy to find specific information quickly.

Comprehensive Approach: The book covers a wide range of topics relevant to step-parenting, from dealing with your own emotions and expectations, to managing relationships with your spouse and stepchildren. This comprehensive approach makes the book a valuable resource for any blended family.

Empathy and Understanding: The book promotes empathy and understanding in the family dynamics and helps in fostering stronger relationships between stepparents and stepchildren.

Supportive Tone: The supportive and non-judgmental tone of the book provides encouragement and reassurance to stepparents who may be struggling in their blended family life.

Things to keep in mind while reading this book

As with any self-help book, not all aspects of the book may resonate with everyone in the same way. However, this book is unique in that it doesn’t dive into long, scientific explanations of different situations or case studies.  Rather, it’s a short-format book that can be easily read in one sitting or absorbed is bite-size chunks with your evening tea.

Generalized Advice: The advice may at times feel too general or not sufficiently tailored to the unique complexities of your specific family situation.  What it will do, however, is help think of your situation from a different perspective.

Cultural or Contextual Relevance: Readers from different cultural backgrounds or family structures might find that the book doesn’t fully address the nuances and challenges specific to their experiences.  While blending a family is hard in itself, introducing an entirely new culture into the stepchildren’s life adds a new level of complexity that this book does not explore.

Expectations vs. Reality: If you’re for a quick fix to your step-parenting issues, this book may not be for you.  Honestly (brutally honestly), step-parenting may not be for you.  The book emphasizes the long-term effort, understanding, and commitment to building blended family relationships.

Your personal preferences, expectations, and the diversity of step-family dynamics can greatly influence your perceptions of the book’s usefulness and relevance.  However, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense advice book with insightful tips, this book just may become your best buddy in your step-parenting journey.

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